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Welcome to the updated MEDSU website
This tutorial will explain how to navigate the website
Throughout the MEDSU website you will find tutorial paths like this one explaining how to use different features and functions
On some pages on the website you will also find help videos


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Clicking on the MAP icon will take you to your annual Appraisal form
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support page

We recommend that you read the Support page.
This page provides you with some keys and answers to common questions that will help you get started quickly and easily

Sign off the Appraisal

Appraisal meeting completed on <% activeReminder.completed_on %> sign off this Appraisal for
Appraisal meeting completed on <% activeReminder.completed_on %> you now have <% activeReminder.sign_off_days_left %> <% (activeReminder.sign_off_days_left > 1) ? 'days' : 'day' %> to sign off this Appraisal for
Dr. <% activeReminder.appraiserUser.firstname +' '+ activeReminder.appraiserUser.lastname %>